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Why Invest in Precious Metals

Hedge against FIAT currency

If there is a crisis, fiat currencies can loose their value dramatically. Even the US Dollar is subject to the laws of economics. If the US government continues to borrow, it will eventually run out of people to borrow from. Then you may see hyper-inflation. Precious metals will hold regardless whether there is a crisis or there isn’t.

Holds value long term

Gold and silver have always had value and will continue to have in the future. Because, gold and silver are used in many products and they are used in currancy, their value will never drop to zero, unlike stocks. You can pass this value onto your children and grandchildren and know that they will have something that endures.

It is physical

You can actually hold and possess your assets. If you haven “money” in a bank, you are at the mercy of the bank in order to get to your money. As people in Cyprus have seen, even the government can take your money from a bank. If you have metal coins in your hand, you can use them right now.

Very Liquid

Precious metals are very easy to convert to cash or even use to purchase goods.